How CRM Is Pretty Much Like Dating

I’ve always thought that sales and dating are uncannily similar. At an obvious level, they are both about making connections and convincing the other person to enter into a relationship with you. However, more interestingly, if you extend the analogy, your method or technique for finding partners both when you are dating and selling is significantly impacted by your intended outcome. If you are looking for a lot of superficial relationships, then fishing in a big pond, generating lots of leads and playing the numbers game is a good idea. However, on the whole, I’d argue that is not good salesmanship. A great salesperson approaches sales like a single person looking for “the one. People who are looking for real love connections tend to use eHarmony rather than other dating sites.

Why Sales is a Lot Like Dating

As a leader of a thriving company in the Revenue Intelligence and Revenue Operations space, I frequently get asked about how technology and specifically AI can transform the sales process to drive sustainable business growth and innovation. The first question I usually get is around how it can solve the CRM challenge. Enterprise leaders are hungry for solutions that deliver a solid data foundation to optimize sales processes and alleviate mundane, rote work to empower sales teams to capture and realize every opportunity to grow revenue faster.

One of the ways People. A key ingredient of making this process effective is the ability to match people, accounts, and opportunities on the correct field in the CRM. A vendor that touts sales-activity-to-CRM capture and matching capabilities could be the way forward, but first, here are important questions you have to ask:.

The new movie trailer that makes you say, “Wow, that actually looks pretty good, I want to see it,” functions the same way pickup tech like baiting does. By leaving.

You misread a cue and leaned forward for a kiss when your date was just reaching forward to grab their laptop bag. You find yourself with nothing to say for a full ninety minutes, and sit in agonizing silence as you get increasingly desperate looking for a way out. The agony of a bad date for most people is matched only by the agony of a really bad sales call.

Just like customer relationships , selling and dating have some striking similarities:. Early on in my consulting business, I had the good fortune to work with Skip Miller, experienced sales trainer and author of ProActive Selling. Skip helped me to get over my own fear of selling by teaching me the natural steps in the sales process that totally match the needs of your prospective customer.

This is the very first time that you meet a prospect.

Why Selling is Just Like Dating

The sales world can be a lot like the dating world. Sales, like dating, takes insight, skill and discretion to know when your customer is truly interested or not. On a recent trip back from New Jersey, I had a sales conversation with two men in the airport and one of them boldly stated that sales are no different than dating. Your potential customers may play some of the same games that are present in the dating world.

like in dating, it’s okay – there are a lot of fish in the sea. But, for the customers that are for you, here’s how to be the best “boyfriend or girlfriend”.

Posted by Kim Orlesky on October 28, Nailed it! You write a catchy bio with a nice hook to get people curious about you; to get them to reach out or the other way around. Then, you exchange a few flirtatious words and agree to meet on a date. Now, the make it or break it part is here—dating. When you go on dates, you put your best foot forward—dressing up pleasingly and being your best self.

You start with the introduction, followed by the getting-to-know-you phase, then building the relationship, and eventually, the proposal stage. And when the contract is signed, you and your client have found yourselves in a business union.

5 Ways Your Sales Skills Will Help You Succeed In The Dating World

So how can you change this? Well for a start you need to warm your leads up and make them want you! Selling is like dating.

Scale-Your-Sales-Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Relationship building is a lot like dating. Who here has done online dating? I have, and your mindset and.

Check out these 9 Reply dating rules to romance your next sales email campaign off its feet. Now, while playing the field can drop you in a whole world of trouble, no salesperson in their right mind is putting all their efforts into just one prospect. This means having a decent CRM system that meets your needs. Everyone likes the personal touch, and when dating it can stop you from making embarrassing mistakes.

Taking her to a fancy Italian restaurant when you know she loves pasta is a nice touch. Better yet, get some impartial feedback from a non-salesperson friend. Second, despite all the benefits of cold emailing, picking up a phone is sometimes the best way to make a connection. Why phone when you can easily drop someone an email, or message them on Facebook?

Some people still insist on talking before doing business. Of course, some hate phone calls as much as I do, so you may want to try email first.

Why Marketing is just like Dating

Amanda Leclair. December 10th, min read. When you boil them down, sales and dating are pretty much identical. Then, when working as a sales representative, you need to:. No, those weren’t typos. The processes are ideally the same.

Sales Relationship Commandment 1: Thou Shalt Not Treat Thy Smartphone Like Thou Sidepiece. An AE on my team just won a great partnership, and the client.

Get our weekly newsletter for the latest business insights. Technology has revolutionized the entire sales cycle, too, from lead scoring to customer insight to future opportunities. Is this person going to hate my collection of porcelain chinchillas? Dating apps attempt to address this with profiles, but still: so many unknowns! In sales, reps bound by spreadsheet and notepads have a hard time making customer information available, which leads to redundant contacts and slower sales. People, like companies, can be too inward focused.

That is, to understand their habits and preferences, to anticipate their needs, to incentivize them in ways that are sensible. Communication issues early in dating will tank that relationship. In sales, prospects get lost in the shuffle.

7 Ways Sales Should Be Like Dating

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times…business is all about the relationships you build. We are all familiar with the traditional ways of selling, the old-school push to sell sales tactics and of course, the ABC message—Always Be Closing. However, this outdated message fails to address how buyers buy today. Relationships between brands and customers have changed.

Simply put, relationship selling is a sales approach focused on creating relationships.

It may be weird, but if you feel like this is starting to sound a lot like dating, you’re right. In this blog, I will share with you a few lessons sales people can learn.

Lead generation and online dating are strikingly similar. While users on Tinder or Match. Creating an online profile is the ultimate practice in branding. Even selecting the best photos is part of cultivating a strong dating profile. As Inc. A strong visual brand and consistent messaging lets your customers know your brand values and who your products are best suited for.

Ever tried juggling multiple dates and remembering everything you learned about them?

16 Ways Sales and Dating Overlap (and 11 Ways They Don’t)

About midway through the talk, I picked up on a trend after Thomas made a reference to matchmaking, in that sales is just like dating. Show your interest in the other person. Find a way to stand out. This helps in making your second contact to reference to so it hopefully brings back some familiarity and trust from your first conversation.

Finding a way to be memorable and finding something in common. Genuinely sharing interests is a great way to establish trust.

A wise person once said that selling is just like dating. You’re going to get rejected, they’re not going to like you and vice versa.

Written By: Jill Harrington 8, From blind dates to marriage, here are six lessons from the dating scene that will improve your sales results. Many of my friends and clients are back on the dating circuit for the second, third, even fifth time! As I listen to their various match-making hits and misses my brain intuitively makes comparisons to the selling process. The parallels are noteworthy. A good friend is back on the dating scene for the first time in 16 years.

Lead Generation and Online Dating – How They Are Similar

When I was 12, I briefly acquired a girlfriend called Maria. In high-school I dated Eylem, a Kurdish girl. Everything was great when we were alone, but she was distant in public. It took me many years to understand where both relationships went wrong. Now I run a company which makes tools for salespeople and I have noticed that dating requires many of the same skills that you need in sales or customer success. So what are those skills and how can they help us to find the perfect partner?

Just like customer relationships, selling and dating have some striking similarities​: If you really, really need a sale (or a date) the likelihood of.

Dating and sales are pretty much the same thing. When it comes to modern dating, the dance goes something like this; Find someone you like. Check them out online and see if you have stuff in common. Try to strike up a conversation and see if they like you too. Get rejected. We continue this pattern until we find someone who likes us back and then we hold hands and skip down a happy little path of wildflowers. Sales is pretty much the same thing. In dating, I learned to hear no A lot.

No is no. This is simply an opportunity to stay in contact and prove that I am the one they need. Like dating, sales is all about communication and confidence. None of this, hard-to-get, call you next week stuff.

We Are Storytellers

They said they were interested in learning more about our services and looking for help with marketing. I did what any business development person would do and got them onto a phone call ASAP. I thought the call went wonderfully. We talked, we laughed, we shared goals, we marvelled at all the things our businesses had in common, and we made plans for a second date meeting. You think you have everything the other person is looking for, and yet they never call you again.

This book is a funny, easy read a must for any sales professional! Fun and entertaining with tips that any one can relate to. Selling is exactly like dating, you will.

Marketing, at its core, connects the brand and the customer. We meet the customer, get to know them, ask questions, and nurture the relationship forward. The customer responses, at any touchpoint, determine where the customer is in our marketing funnel, where they are on their journey, and how we should approach them. Want a solid relationship? You need your customers to be successful and become your raving fans — and for that to happen, you need to create exciting experiences and foster your relationships.

Just as in marketing, love has five goals: attract, convert, nurture, close, retain. And for the love of your dating life, or your marketing funnel, follow them closely:. You have their attention. What to do and to avoid : Use their favorite formats!

The 7 Stages Of What You Call The Person You’re Dating

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